George Lucas Reveals the Line Was Originally "The Force Will Be With You, In General."

At a charity dinner in San Luis Obispo, California, George Lucas, creator of the 'Star Wars' franchise, revealed to an audience of 6,000 other Hollywood luminaries, artists, and vintners that one of the most famous lines in the film, "The Force Will Be With You, Always," was originally written as "The Force Will Be With You, In General."

"We wanted to acknowledge," Lucas explained to a stunned crowd, "that generally, yeah, the Force will be with Luke, most of the time, sure, but not necessarily 100% of the time. You know? We felt it was more realistic that way."

Fellow director Martin Scorsese, having just glugged half a $45 bottle of Galigliani, proceeded to vomit into his briefcase.

"It was a creative decision to go with 'always,' and would not have been my first," Lucas continued. "Do you know what I mean by 'creative'?" Lucas asked the audience.

A few audience-members assented, but most were too choked with revulsion to react in any cogent way.

"I meant that saying that anything 'will be with you always' is creative because it doesn't happen in real life." Lucas's use of finger-quotes was clearly not softening the blow. "I mean, we were making a space adventure film, but that doesn't mean it doesn't occur in reality. You know what I mean?"

Lucas was ejected from the event by charity security shortly after and was seen swilling Carlo Rossi by an abandoned fountain the following day.

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