Man Who Said "Don't Quote Me on That" is Quoted; Sues Woman

Virgil Marconescu, 39, owner and operator of VelClair Fish and Aquarium, has leveled a $2.6 million lawsuit at Margaret Wellhouse, of Fishkrill, for quoting him when he distinctly said, "don't quote me on that."
Marconescu, a first generation American business owner born in Romania, was describing the legality of discriminatory business policies to Wellhouse, a customer at his store. Reportedly, his description included the phrase, "not my friend, not my fault."
Moments later, Marconescu added, "but don't quote me on that."
Wellhouse, taken aback by this expression, reportedly whispered the phrase to her sister and shopping companion, Sally Frier-Wellhouse, adding, "that's what he just said."
Marconescu overheard this response and interpreted it as an "insult," later describing it as a "verbal disruption of my mental health and business" while under the counsel of Adam Taylor Esq., of Thompson, Rutan, Andrews, and Benedict.
Wellhouse could not be reached for comment and is assumed to have fled.
Maronescu is now planning a follow-up lawsuit against this publication.

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